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Why changing the smell of the room could boost your mood

Did you know that introducing a pleasant ambient fragrance is one of the most effective ways to enhance mood and wellbeing? We all know that smelling lavender, can help us relax when we are stressed, but what about vanilla or ylang ylang? A little less commonly known but these two scents have also been also been proven to help us relax. Peppermint, rosemary or citrus can perk us up when we are struggling to be productive. The scent of the South American heliotropin flower is calming; probably because it’s one of the main constituents in Johnson’s baby powder, so, consciously or not, we are reminded of reassuring memories from early childhood. You don’t always need a fancy candle, wax melt or aromatherapy oil either although all work well (wax melts obviously work better than the others 😜) you might find the scent of baking or fresh air does the trick.

 why changing the smell of the room you’re in could boost your mood

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